The moment I discovered Kristen Stewart was a dumb-ass.

She was smoking weed.

Outside a house.

In broad daylight.

While famous.

Expecting not to get caught.

what a dumb-ass.

May I add it was on the front steps. So we have a generous case of stupid here.

Just Sten giving the finger to the world. And parents want their little girls to look up to this. Not very bright.

Later during filming New Moon she went to Rome and rolled a joint and smoked it out in the open at a restaurant. I always like looking at Rob’s face. Think he was a little annoyed and embarrassed.

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    A role model? LOL!!! She only teaches to teenagers to be a rude, take drugs and show the middle finger. She has no...
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    And people wonder why I look at them weird (or would if I wasn’t reading it) when they call her a role model? Really? Oh...
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    I remember when those pics were taken. It was before paparazzi got as bad as they are now. I can understand how she...
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    Well then I guess Charlize is a moron, too....
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    In those top pictures, is that weed she’s smoking, or is that a crack pipe? j/s Sure looks like a crack pipe to me. I...
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    May I add it was on the front steps. So we have a generous case of stupid here. Just Sten giving the finger to the...
  16. a-little-counter-esperanto said: She needs to crawl back under her weed-scented rock and stop trying to convince the world she can act. We know her games!